• St. Georges Basilica, Prague

St. Georges Basilica (Kláster sv. Jirí na Prazském hrade)

Prague, Czech Republic

St. George's Basilica was founded by Prince Vratislav (915-921) and is the best preserved Romanesque church and at the same time one of the oldest church buildings in Prague.

St. George's Basilica ranks among the great monuments of Romanesque architecture in Bohemia. It was enlarged in 973 when the adjoining St. George's Convent was established, and rebuilt following a fire in 1142. Several Czech princes of the House of Poemyslid, including the founder of the basilica, Prince Vratislav, are buried in the Basilica. The massive twin towers and austere interior have been restored to give a true impression of the church's original appearance. The red facade was a 17th century Baroque addition.

St. George's Basilica now serves as a concert hall for classical concerts.

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St. Georges Basilica (Kláster sv. Jirí na Prazském hrade)
Jiřská 33, Prague Castle
11900 Prague
Czech Republic
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Seating Information

Main Hall, 250 Seats


Car park: Yes
Parking site for buses: Yes