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  • St. Clement's Church, © Photo:
    St. Clement's Church, © Photo:

St. Clement's Church

Prague, Czech Republic

St. Clement’s Church is one of the oldest churches in Prague located in the New Town. Historical documents state the Church was built in 1226. It later became a parish church and included in its jurisdiction the school, the vicarage and two cemeteries. In the 14th century the roman church was demolished and replaced with a new single‐aisled gothic building with a tower on the north side of its presbytery. In 1893 – 1894 the church underwent radical puritanical renovation, initiated by the architect františek Mikš. Further reconstruction was carried out in 1975‐1981.

Today the Anglican‐Episcopal church offers services in English and classical concerts.


St. Clement's Church, Klimentská 5, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic, Google Maps

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