• Rudolfinum, © Czech Philharmonic
  • Rudolfinum, © Czech Philharmonic
  • Rudolfinum, Dvorak Hall, © Czech Philharmonic
  • Rudolfinum, Suk Hall, © Czech Philharmonic


Prague, Czech Republic

Situated only 200 meters from Charles Bridge, the Rudolfinum was completed in 1881 and used by the parliament between the wars. Today, it is used for its original purpose — for concerts and art exhibitions. The large Dvorak Hall, named after the great Czech composer, is an unparalleled venue for concerts and hosts many of the Prague Spring events. The more intimate Suk Hall is mainly used for smaller vocal and instrumental concerts. The impressive facade of the Rudolfinum is matched by a gold and marble interior, and the acoustic properties of the concert hall promise a exceptional musical experience.


Rudolfinum, Alsovo nabrezi 12, 11000 Prague, Czech Republic, Google Maps

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