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Maisel Synagogue

Prague, Czech Republic

A central feature of the former Prague Ghetto, the Maisel Synagogue has played a central role in the history of Czech Jewish life since the sixteenth century. Established at a time when the ghetto was enjoying a golden age, the building has subsequently been through several restorations, and now has a distinctively neo‐gothic appearance. Recent restoration work has reinstated decorative elements so that the Maisel Synagogue now appears as it would have at the start of thre Twentieth Century.

Following World War Two, the Maisel Synagogue became part of the Jewish Museum of Prague, and hosts exhibitions and displays year round, as well as opening its doors to the public for concerts and other cultural events.


Maisel Synagogue, Maiselova 10, 110 00 Praha 1 Prague, Czech Republic, Google Maps

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