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  • Divadlo Hybernia, Prague
    Divadlo Hybernia, Prague

Divadlo Hybernia

Prague, Czech Republic

The U Hybernů Palace has had a varied history. It is situated in a remarkable area of Prague — across from which the Municipal House now stands. After the Thirty Years' War (1618 — 1648) Ferdinand II allowed the Irish Franciscans to establish a college on the site of the desolate monastery. Since this time, the house has been called U Hybernů.

Construction of the Baroque church began in the middle of the 17th century, however it was considerably damaged by the Prussians. In 1785 the monastery was dissolved by the reformist Emperor Joseph II and the building has been secular ever since. At the end of the 18th century it was used by the Czech Theatre Society; however, following the death of its owner was converted into a customs house. The present Classical appearance of the building dates back to 1806 — 1811 and is the work of the Viennese court architect L. Montoyer and Professor J. Fischer. The building served as an exhibition site in the 20th century and only in 2006 was the dilapidated building saved by the Hybernia Theatre project.

The chapel was replaced by a stage and today the whole site offers an extraordinary experience. The roof terrace offers a unique view and feeling of "finding lost time". After successful reconstruction, Theatre Hybernia was reopened in 2006 as a modern, air‐conditioned theatre and concert hall with 1000 seats, 2 restaurants, 4 bars and a summer terrace.


Divadlo Hybernia, Hybernská 1, 110 00 Prague, Czech Republic, Google Maps


Elevator: Yes

Car park: Yes

Parking site for buses: Yes

Air conditioned: Yes

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