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Hôtel Dosne‐Thiers

Paris, France

The Hôtel Dosne‐Thiers, located on Place Saint Georges in Paris in the romantic district known as 'La Nouvelle Athènes'. The hotel was for a long time the home of the historian and statesman Adolphe Thiers and his wife Élise Dosne.
Félicie Dosne, sister‐in‐law of Mr Thiers and the last heir of the family, bequeathed the hotel in 1905 to the Institut de France, 'so that a library of modern history and more particularly of French history could be created in this place'. Today, the Dosne‐Thiers Foundation fulfils its mission as a research library specialising in the general, political, military, social and administrative history of France from 1789 to 1914. Since 2009, the hotel has housed the office of the Thiers Foundation (Centre de recherches humanistes), an institution whose aim is to distinguish young researchers.


Hôtel Dosne‐Thiers, 27 place Saint‐Georges, 75009 Paris, France, Google Maps

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