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  • Eglise Saint-Séverin, Paris, Credit: Mbzt/Common
    Eglise Saint‐Séverin, Paris, Credit: Mbzt/Common
  • Eglise Saint-Séverin, Paris, Credit: Patrice/Common
    Eglise Saint‐Séverin, Paris, Credit: Patrice/Common

Eglise Saint‐Séverin

Paris, France

St. Severin Church, on the left bank of the Seine, is among the most beautiful Parisian churches in the Gothic style. The church's begins in the 6th century with Severin, a very pious hermit who lived there. The small oratory in honor if Severin became a vault and then a basilica. After the destruction by the Vikings, the church was rebuilt and became a parish church during the 11th century.


Eglise Saint‐Séverin, 1, rue des Prêtres‐Saint‐Séverin, 75005 Paris, France, Google Maps


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