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Jiří Myron Theatre

Ostrava, Czech Republic

The National House opened in the last decade of the 19th century and was designed in a neo‐renaissance style by architect Josef Srba. It regularly hosted various theatre companies and in 1906 its building was taken over by the Society of the National House, which initiated the first permanent theatre scene in Ostrava. In 1919 it became the second building of the National Moravian‐Silesian Theatre, but after 1920, Czech language theatre could only be performed in the City Theatre – today the Antonín Dvořák Theatre – and the National house served other social purposes.

During the German occupation the National Moravian‐Silesian Theatre was forced to abandon the building of the City Theatre and return to the National House. In 1954 the building was renamed to the Jiří Myron Theatre and in the second half of the 1960s it underwent reconstruction. On the 7th of December 1976 the building was hit by a massive fire, which destroyed it so much that it had to be closed for several years. In August 1980 extensive reconstruction was launched, based on the designs of Ostrava´s architects Ivo Klimeš and Radim Ulmann.

Since its festive re‐opening in April 1986, the Jiří Myron Theatre has become part of the biggest theatre scenes in the Czech Republic. It is home to the operetta, drama, and ballet companies of the National Moravian‐Silesian Theatre and accommodates 623 seats for spectators.

The auditorium of the Jiří Myron Theatre is adapted for wheelchair users.


Jiří Myron Theatre, Československých legií 148/14, 701 04 Ostrava, Czech Republic, Google Maps

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