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  • Saint Thomas Church, New York
    Saint Thomas Church, New York

Saint Thomas Church

New York, USA

The present Saint Thomas Church is actually the fourth building in the remarkable history of a great New York parish. Designed by the distinguished architectural firm of Cram, Goodhue and Ferguson and completed in 1913, Saint Thomas Church is built in the French High Gothic style. Except for its length, Saint Thomas is of cathedral proportions, with the nave vault rising 95 feet above the floor. The church is built completely of stone, according to medieval construction principles, using load‐bearing rib vaulting without the space‐spanning benefits of steel. The size, spacing, and number of columns and arches are precisely what is necessary to support the structure — and give it the unique acoustical properties associated with churches built of the same materials and in the same way during the Middle Ages. Because much of the music presented in concert at Saint Thomas was composed for use in these churches — not in the concert hall — Saint Thomas Church provides an authentic space in which this music can be heard today. Add to the sound the sight of a magnificent Gothic interior and you have an experience that is hard to surpass in New York.


Saint Thomas Church, One West 53rd Street, 10019‐5496 New York, USA, Google Maps

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