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Radio City Music Hall

New York, USA

A true New York icon, and the jewel in the Rockefeller Center's crown, the Art Deco‐style Radio City Music Hall is one of the city's largest performance spaces. Home to the famous Rockettes, and the venue for numerous high‐profile live television broadcasts, Radio City is a treasured part of New York's theatrical history. New Yorkers in their thousands fought to keep the Hall open when city officials tried to shut it down in the late 1970s.

Built on land originally intended for the Metropolitan Opera, as the city struggled in the grip of the Great Depression, plans for an opera house were shelved, and the Rockefeller Center emerged as a focal point for popular and variety entertainment in the city. Radio City's Depression‐era roots find visual expression in an extraordinary collection of artworks by artists of the period, displayed in the public areas.

Designed on a grand scale, the Hall's fluid lines and vast stage make it unique in a city filled with Belle Époque and late‐Twentieth Century theatrical buildings, and a fitting home for spectacular, large‐scale productions.


Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Avenue, NY 10020 New York, USA, Google Maps

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