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The 'Mozart Piano Sonatas' concert series highlights the most renowned of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's piano compositions: the 18 piano sonatas.

Experience these unique concerts of Mozart's piano works in the historic, atmospheric Romanesque Hall of St. Peter's Abbey in the heart of Salzburg's old city.

Customer Reviews

3.0 of 5

  • Andreas R, Deutschland

    Mar 2019

    Herausragend…der Musiker…

  • Tadej B, Slovenia

    Mar 2019

    The music and the pianist were superb, the place in the cellar is, however, deplorable — an acient cellar revovated with a particularly cheap and poor taste

  • Bridget M, USA

    Dec 2018

    Music was wonderful but the venue was very hard to locate. There was no signage outside and there were not enough programs.

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