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Movies in Concert – Soundtracks from Star Wars to Game of Thrones

Rome, Chiesa di S. Paolo entro le Mura — Sala 1

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Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Rome's breathtaking Chiesa di S. Paolo entro le Mura for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.

A concert in which films are the protagonists of the scene, played by a symphony orchestra conducted by maestro Pier Giorgio Dionisi. As in a score for strings and winds, the films enter the music not only with images but also with sounds.
Melodies by Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani, epic themes by John Williams and Hans Zimmer.
Orchestra and soprano come together in a unique show where the arts move together in an atmospheric setting with the emotions of the great films that have made the history of cinema.


  • Papotto, Alessandro – Abiogenesis
  • Morricone, Ennio – Once Upon a Time in the West
  • Morricone, Ennio – Giu' La Testa
  • Morricone, Ennio – Per Un Pugno Di Dollari
  • Morricone, Ennio – C’era una Volta in America
  • Morricone, Ennio – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Rota, Nino – La Dolce Vita
  • Morricone, Ennio – Nuovo Cinema Paradiso
  • Mancini, Henry – La Pantera Rosa
  • Mancini, Henry – 007
  • Piovani, Nicola – La vita e’ bella
  • Conti, Bill – Rocky
  • Djawadi, Ramin – Il Trono Di Spade
  • Vangelis – Blade Runner
  • Strauss, Richard – 2001 Space Odyssey
Program is subject to change


Conductor: Dionisi, Pier Giorgio
Orchestra: Orchestra Sinfonica Città di Roma
Soprano: Memoli, Elena
Soloist: Conti, Valerio


Chiesa di S. Paolo entro le Mura, Via Nazionale 16a, Rome, Italy — Google Maps

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