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  • Musikalische Komödie
    Musikalische Komödie

Musikalische Komödie

Leipzig, Germany

The Dreilinden House, in Leipzig's Lindenau area, is the home of the Musical Comedy. If we follow its history back to the year 1713, we see the Dreilinden House providing a stage for summer theatre and becoming known as a "place of gallantry", alongside its original purpose as an Inn. In 1912, building alterations added to the Inn a magnificent concert and ballroom, named "Drei Linden" (3 lime trees). Equipped with small stages, breweries, and a wine bar in the gallery, the house was a much favoured destination for people of Leipzig.


Musikalische Komödie, Dreilindenstraße 32, 04177 Leipzig, Germany, Google Maps

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