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Guida all'Orchestra: Auditorium di Milano Fondazione Cariplo

About the Event

Immerse yourself in the stunning architecture of Milan's breathtaking Auditorium Fondazione Cariplo for the ultimate concert set to awake your understanding of classical music.

The second Season event of the Crescendo in musica review is an unmissable performance directed by Fabio Cherstich that features a truly curious composition composed by Benjamin Britten in 1946: a didactic composition, written to introduce young listeners to the instruments of the orchestra and teach them to recognize their timbre. It is a large orchestral piece entitled precisely A Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, in which the music is interspersed with a text introducing the different families to which the individual instruments belong, briefly illustrating their timbral and expressive characteristics. The main theme is taken from a 1695 composition by Henry Purcell and is expounded by the entire orchestra subsequently, it is restated by the woodwinds, brass, strings, harp, percussion and again by the entire orchestra. It is a true fresco of the tonal possibilities of the various instruments, the various families to which they belong and, finally, the entire orchestra as a whole.

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