• Cortile del Museo nazionale del Bargello, Credit: Paolo Villa/Common

Cortile del Museo nazionale del Bargello

Florence, Italy

The Bargello palace was built to house first the Capitano del Popolo and later, in 1261, the Podestà, the highest magistrate of the Florence City Council, Italy. This Palazzo del Podestà, as it was originally called, is the oldest public building in Florence. This austere crenellated building served as model for the construction of the Palazzo Vecchio.The building is designed around an open courtyard with an external staircase leading to the second floor. An open well is found in the center of the courtyard.The Bargello opened as a national museum (Museo Nazionale del Bargello) in 1865, displaying the largest Italian collection of gothic and Renaissance sculptures (17th century).


Cortile del Museo nazionale del Bargello, Via Del Proconsolo 4, Florence, Italy, Google Maps

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