Dubrovnik Cathedral

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The site of Dubrovnik Cathedral has been a center of worship throughout the city's history. The current building, designed in the Roman Baroque style of Bernini and Fontana, stands on the ruins of several previous structures, the longest standing of which, in Romanesque style, was partially paid for by Richard the Lionheart!

Vulnerable to earthquakes, as well as manmade catastrophes, the 'modern' cathedral dates to the 1670s, and has been extensively restored in recent years. Dubrovnik Cathedral contains a wealth of relics and art, in a range of styles that indicate the city's varied hiistory. Particularly notable are the skull of the city's patron saint, St Blaise, preserved in the fashion of a Byzantine emperor with jewel-studded crown, and an altarpiece by Titian.

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Dubrovnik Cathedral
Ul. kneza Damjana Jude 1
20000 Dubrovnik
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Auditorium, 1000 Seats