Canta Napoli: Opera, Pulcinella and Neapolitan Songs with Tasting

Villa Fiorentino Sorrento

There are currently no dates available for this event.

Enjoy a truly Italian concert with famous opera arias and duets, and favorite Neapolitan songs at the Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento.

A talented soprano and tenor will be accompanied by mandolin, violin, cello and piano.
Meet the comical character Pulcinella which will guide the audience on its journey to discover the rich Italian music tradition.

Before the concert, at 7.30 pm, you can enjoy a tasting at Restaurant 'Bouganvillea', (via Corso Italia 16), directly in front of the Villa Fiorentino.

You can choose from two menus:

1) Sweet tasting:
- 1 cup of ice cream with three flavors chosen by the customer
- 1 glass of prosecco with citrus fruit sorbet

2) Savory tasting:
- 1 glass of prosecco
- 2 fried pieces
- 2 pieces of Pizza Margherita
- 1 bruschettina with tomatoes

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