• Piano Salon Christophori
  • Piano Salon Christophori

Piano Salon Christophori

Berlin, Germany

The Christophori Piano Salon is both a workshop and a performance space. Pianos, especially historical fortepianos, are painstakingly restored, and excellent chamber music artists are invited to bring the instruments to life.

The Christophori Piano Salon offers concerts in a unique atmosphere that is true to the spirit of Berlin. Serious music lovers are invited to enjoy performances in the tradition of the Parisian salons of Maison Erard or Salle Pleyel. A glass of wine or a conversation with the artists can be expected to complement the musical experience.


Piano Salon Christophori, Uferstr.8 (Uferhallen), 13357 Berlin, Germany, Google Maps

There are currently no event dates available.

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