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    Koninklijk Theater Carre

Koninklijk Theater Carré

Amsterdam, Netherlands


The history of Royal Theatre Carré is closely associated with the family Carré. This French/German dynastie of higly skilled riders and circusartists gave its first shows in France and Germany in the late 18th century.

The family Carré performed in the Netherlands for the first time in September 1863. They did an horse‐act on the annual fair of Amsterdam. Three years later Wilhelm Carré got temporarly permission to build a small wooden circus, where they could show their acts. In 1874 Carré got permission to build a bigger and a more beautiful circus building, with a 14 meters cross‐cut arena, a heated vestibule and lovely anterooms. But even this was after five years to small and they moved for the last time to its final destination Binnen‐Amstel 125.

Royal Theatre
In honnour of the 100 year old anniversary, Carré received the unique permission to use the title 'Royal' . Instead of theatre Carré was named Royal Theatre Carré. The management changed as well; there was a better marketing policy and they strived for a better balance between the different forms of amusement; musical, cabaret, stage plays, international performances and spectacle. In October 1997 Hein J. Jens became the new director of Carré, and he would make an effort to make a better balance.

In 1991 the decision was made to renovate a big part of Carré. A huge renovation, which costed 20 million guilders. In 1993 the renovation was ready and Carré was changed from a circus with a small theatre accommodation, to a large theatre with circus accommodation. There now was a new and complete stage housing, modern dressing‐rooms, office‐space and a big basement with stables and storerooms. The stage was renovated as well. The preservation of the own, historical atmosphere was the most important issue during this renovation.

The last decade of the 20th century characterized Carré, mostly with the revival of the musicals like My fair aldy, West Side Story, Anatevka, Annie and Oliver. But also new productions like Joe and Evita were succesfull. Another revival was the ballet, like the Russian balletdansers from Kyrov and 'Ballet for Life' from Maurice Béjart.


Koninklijk Theater Carré, Amstel 115‐125, 1018 EM Amsterdam, Netherlands, Google Maps

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