• Concertgebouw © Hans Roggen


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Bernard Haitink once described the Concertgebouw as the best instrument in its very own orchestra. This must have been what the great minds of Amsterdam considered in 1881 when they decided that the Dutch capital should have a proper concert hall worthy of the name.

The Concertgebouw, with its incomparable acoustics, exciting programming and attractive neo‐classical architecture, has long stood at the centre of Amsterdam's vibrant musical life. The acoustics in particular have established the hall as a favourite of acclaimed conductors, orchestras and soloists over the years.

A pleasure for musicians, the hall's unique qualities have not gone lost on audiences either. With over 850,000 visitors at ca. 800 events a year, it is the second most‐visited concert hall in the world.


Concertgebouw, Concertgebouwplein, 10, 1071 LN Amsterdam, Netherlands, Google Maps


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