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  • Cathédrale d'Aix-en-Provence
    Cathédrale d'Aix‐en‐Provence

Cathédrale d'Aix‐en‐Provence

Aix‐en‐Provence, France

Built on a temple of Apollo, according to the legend, the Cathedral developed between the 5th and 18th century. This architectural melting pot is distinguished with a mere glance at its facade. On the right, to the south, the Romanesque gate from the 12th century adjoins a Roman wall, whilst on the left, to the north, the vast, richly carved Gothic gate from the 15th and the 16th century is surmounted to the north by a church tower erected between 1323 and 1425. Inside are three naves of different styles (Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque), which flank the Baptistère which rests on an octagonal stand dating back to the 5thcentury. Its central font recalls the ancient rite of baptism by immersion.


Cathédrale d'Aix‐en‐Provence, -, Aix‐en‐Provence, France, Google Maps

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