Violeta Cruz's La Princesse Légère: Opéra Comique

Violeta Cruz's La Princesse Légère: Opéra Comique

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Share a moment of enchanting opera with the whole family! On the stage of the wonderful Salle Favart, the Opéra Comique offers a new creation by young composer Violeta Cruz, La Princesse Légère.

The opera tells the story of a princess condemned to being light as a feather. How could such a princess, floating in the air and ignorant of the gravity of things, grow up and understand the grave and serious world of adults?

Violeta Cruz offers a tale full of poetry and humor about being different and growing up. The original score combines electronic sounds with a classical ensemble, and the inventive staging has the princess literally flying on stage!

Suitable for children from 8 years old.

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