• Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society

Vilnius, Litauen

Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society was established on December 4th, 1940. At the beginning the Society consisted of a symphony orchestra, mixed choir, and folk song and dance ensemble. LNPh’s activities were terminated in 1943, and restarted in August of 1944. In 1958–1966 it housed the Lithuanian Orchestra of Popular Music (dir. J. Tiškus). In 1963, the Concert Hall was enriched with new organ. Among other collectives, the Society involved Wind Quintet (1965–1990), Lithuanian String Quartet (1945–1996), and choir Polifonija (a member of LNPh from 1986 to 1997), as well as popular music ensembles (Nerija, Estradinės melodijos, Plius minus, V. Kernagis’ ensemble). LNPh held its divisions in Klaipėda (1963–2003) and Šiauliai (1982–2003).   Directors: J. Kardelis (1940–1941), J. Lenktaitis (1941–1943), V. Pečiūra (1944–1945), P. Sagaitis (1945–1949), B. Fedaravičius (1949–1970), D. Trinkūnas (1970–1973), P. Mendelsonas (1973–1974 and 1979–1985), G. Želvys (1975), R. Žigaitis (1975–1978), A. Budrys (1986–1988). Artistic directors: M. Šteimanas (1944–1946), B. Fedaravičius (1946–1963), R. Žigaitis (1963–1986). General directors: G. Kėvišas (1988–2000), E. Mikšys (2001–2006), R. Prusevičienė (since 2006)


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Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society
Aušros Vartų g. 5
01013 Vilnius
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The Lithuanian National Philharmonic Society has no reserved car parking spaces. Please plan your visit to arrive at least 20 minutes before the start of a performance to find a place for your vehicle (parking tickets may be obtained from the parking meters; mind that on-street car parking is free of charge on Sundays and public holidays).

Seating Information

Main Auditorium (Floor 1), 678 Sitze

Chamber Hall (Floor 2), 200 Sitze