San Gallo Theatre

Venedig, Italien

The San Gallo Theatre is situated in the area of San Marco, precisely in “Campo San Gallo”.
The palace was constructed from 1924 and its entrance is placed in a building which belonged to the San Marco’s Procurators from 1331 and was sold back to private citizens between 1649 and 1700.
Campo San Gallo is behind San Marco Square and belonged to San Marco Basilica’s Parish from 1807 and 1967. In 1703 San Gallo’s Church was built as we can see it now.
Antonio Canova lived in Campo San Gallo during his visits in Venice; that’s the reason why this square was also called “Canova”.


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San Gallo Theatre
Campo San Gallo 1097
30125 Venedig
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A few steps from the world famous San Marco Square. The nearest water bus stops are: San Marco and San Zaccaria.
The Theatre is one minute walking from San Marco: with your back to the Basilica, walk down the Square. Towards the right hand end there is an archway leading to a bridge; through the arch walk past the Best Western Hotel: Teatro San Gallo is on your right in Campo San Gallo.

Seating Information

The Blue Room, 80 Sitze