St. John's Co-Cathedral

Valletta, Malta

Dedicated to the Patron Saint of the Order of the Knights of St.John, the church was given Co-Cathedral status with the Mdina Cathedral in 1882. Construction began in 1573 under Grand Master La Cassiere who paid for the initial cost. The architect was Gerolamo Cassar.

The church was administered by a chapter of 'cappellani maggiori' all of whom were ordained members of the Order of St.John. The church has a central nave with chapels on each of the two aisles, each chapel corresponding to a Langue of the Order, namely: Auvergne, Aragon, Castile, Leon & Portugal, Anglo-Bavarian Langue, Provence, France, Italy, Germany and the Chapel of Our Lady of Philermos.

This magnificent church hosts wonderful classical concerts throughout the year.


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St. John's Co-Cathedral
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VLT 1156 Valletta
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Visitor’s entrance to St. John’s is via Republic Street.
The Co-Cathedral is only a couple of minutes walk for visitors arriving in Valletta by public transport or car, or about 15 minutes walk for those arriving at the cruise liner terminal.

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Main Hall, 200 Sitze