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  • Teatro Verdi di Trieste

Teatro Verdi di Trieste

Triest, Italien

The Teatro Verdi, founded with the name of Teatro Nuovo, is one of the oldest opera houses in activity. It has been built between 1798 and 1801 by the architects Gian Antonio Selva (the same as the Fenice in Venice) and Matteo Pertsch. The building's structure follows that of the 'La Scala' in Milan built by the architect Piermarini, including also the porch leaning forward to draw the audience in the theater.


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Teatro Verdi di Trieste
Riva 3 Novembre, 1
34121 Triest
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Only 10 minutes walking form Trieste Train Station. After the event, the staff of the Theater is available to call a taxi on request.

Seating Information

main, 100 Sitze