• The Finnish Church, Photo: Jordgubbe/Wikipedia

The Finnish Church

Stockholm, Schweden

The Finnish Church was founded in Stockholm in 1533. The building at the present site of the parish was initially used for ball games and called 'Lilla bollhuset' (Small Ball House). The Finnish Church, also known as Fredrik's Church, opened in the old ball house in 1725 and to this day is used by the Finnish community in Stockholm. The interior of the church was designed by the architect Göran Adelcrantz.


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The Finnish Church
Slottsbacken 2b - 2c
111 30 Stockholm
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Public Transport:
Bus station: Slottsbacken
Lines: 2, 43, 55, 76, 96, 191, 192, 194, 195

The bus station is located approximately 350 meters (5 minute walking distance) from the church.

Seating Information

Hall, 400 Sitze