Auditorium S.Stefano alla Lizza

Siena, Italien

The excellent acoustics and clear interior of the Church of Santo Stefano alla Lizza make it an ideal location for concerts and musical events. Renovations between 1671 and 1675 left their mark on the building, but the original Church of Santo Stefano alla Lizza appears in historical sources as early as the 12th century. In 2009, the property was completely transformed from a place of worship into an auditorium for cultural events.


Auditorium S.Stefano alla Lizza, Piazza La Lizza 1, 53100 Siena, Italien, Google Maps

Veranstaltungen in Auditorium S.Stefano alla Lizza

  • Italienische Oper in Siena

    Italienische Oper in Siena

    Siena, Auditorium S.Stefano alla Lizza

    + weitere Termine

    $ 31