Teatro Palazzo Santa Chiara

Rom, Italien

Palazzo Santa Chiara, once Teatro Rossini, is located in one of the most beautiful areas of central Rome, Piazza di Santa Chiara, between Largo di Torre Argentina and the Pantheon. Housed in a building that dates back to the '600, it was a home to the Dominican. In one of the rooms St. Catherine of Siena died in 1380. In August 2008 a new chapter for the theater has begun: with a radical restructuring, aesthetic and functional, Palazzo Santa Chiara is made one of the most beautiful and prestigious theatrical structures intended to hosting events.


Teatro Palazzo Santa Chiara, Piazza di Santa Chiara, 14, 00186 Rom, Italien, Google Maps

Veranstaltungen in Teatro Palazzo Santa Chiara

  • Das Arienkonzert der Großen Oper

    Das Arienkonzert der Großen Oper

    Rom, Teatro Palazzo Santa Chiara

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