Tram depot Mariatrost (Remise Mariatrost)

Graz, Österreich

In the former tram depot Mariatrost the Tramway Museum Graz can be visited today.

The society 'Tramway Museum Graz' was founded in 1971. Since then the society has been collecting renovating, maintaining and exhibiting historically valuable tram cars. So the museum can point to a pool of 32 electric tram cars and one horse tram car today.

In the past years the styriarte festival presented several opera performances in the tramway museum.


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Tram depot Mariatrost (Remise Mariatrost)
Mariatrosterstraße 204
8044 Graz
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Tram line 1
Stop: Mariatrost (Terminal)

Seating Information

Mariatrost, 400 Sitze