• Complesso Monumentale 'Il Fuligno'
    Complesso Monumentale 'Il Fuligno'

Complesso Monumentale 'Il Fuligno'

Florenz, Italien

It was called 'Fuligno' after the name of Franciscan nuns coming from Umbria, who had lived there since 1419. It was renovated and decorated in the fifteenth century (1429) thanks to the noble religious Sister Onofria de' Conti d'Abruzzo and Sister Giovanna Onofrio degli Onofri. In those years the convent was subsidized by Lorenzo de' Medici and the Lapaccini family. In this period Perugino decorated the rooms of the monastery.

It was closed in 1800 and used as a female college.

In addition to frescoes by Lorenzo Bicci, inside you can admire the Last Supper by Pietro Perugino, which was initially attributed to Raphael.

On the side of the entrance the tabernacle by Giovanni da San Giovanni is located, depicting the Madonna and Child with Saints.


Complesso Monumentale 'Il Fuligno', Via Faenza 48, 50123 Florenz, Italien, Google Maps

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